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Cazoo is a fairly new company in the industry but it certainly is different. Founded in 2018 by Alexander Edward Chesterman, a British entrepreneur and activist, famous for founding online businesses. Alex Chesterman has spent the last twenty years using technology to improve consumer experiences. In 2003, he co-founded LoveFilm which transformed the DVD rental market in the UK. His numerous achievements brought him recognition and he was named Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year in 2013.

 Before founding Cazoo, Alex Chesterman was the CEO of a property website and rental portal called Zoopla which was sold to a US private equity business called SilverLake Partners  having been transformed into a full digital media business called ZPG Plc.

Alex started raising money for the launching of a brand new company that would later become Cazoo.  In December 2018 , he was able to raise over £30 million in pre-seed funding.

 Their main goal was to change how people viewed and bought used cars. With the headquarters in London, Cazoo is the home of almost 500 employees.

In 2020, despite the current COVID-19 crisis, the company has raised around £100 million that will be used for further expansion of the company. As well as purchasing Imperial Car Supermarket.

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