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Dealer Intelligence

The weather, sporting events, bank holidays, politics, there is always something that may be used to explain poor sales rates. It’s difficult to know how the market has truly performed in any given week or month and whether you are in line with the market or not. We provide you with the information to keep one step ahead of your competitors.

CarCondor shows you how the market is performing nationally and in your local area. You can benchmark yourself against your competitors, benchmark your stock against your competitors and we provide insight to allow you to take action based upon actual market dynamics and comparable stock within the market.

  • Competitor benchmarking
  • Market intelligence
  • Vehicle and pricing intelligence
  • Live reporting within your own dashboards

A.I. Description Writer

How long does it take to write a used vehicle description, 10, 15 maybe 20 minutes for every single vehicle every week? Once the description is written the vehicle is then duplicated on each web site that you advertise with and duplication will damage your search engine rankings when customers search for their next vehicle.

CarCondor’s vehicle description writer is a fully automated process using artificial intelligence to create a natural language vehicle description for every vehicle. The description is unique on every web site that you advertise the vehicle which saves you time whilst optimising your vehicle search engine rankings.

  • Fully automated natural language descriptions
  • Enhances search engine optimisation
  • Saves you time, generates more leads, sells more vehicles
  • Over 1 trillion description possible for any on vehicle

Bespoke Projects

We know that day to day activities coupled with finite resources make it really difficult to focus on delivering additional but important projects. We provide bespoke resource to deliver used vehicle data and analysis projects. We are confident we can provide the external data that you need, we work quickly and we are cost sensitive. We will only ever agree to a project that we know we can deliver on time and within budget.

About Us

CarCondor brings transparency to the used vehicle market place by indexing millions of used vehicle data sources every day and making this information relevant to your used vehicle operation. We have been operating since 2015 as used vehicle data experts and have been quietly developing our products over past few years.

Our products will open a new world of transparency for your used vehicle performance and your used vehicle stock. We have a highly skilled and established technical team coupled with automotive and commercial expertise to deliver value in every meeting and with every customer that we work with.

If you are interested in meeting with us or just curious, get in touch as we are always happy to have a conversation.