About CarCondor

CarCondor was founded in 2015 by William and Zivorad. One of us worked at a dealer that went bankrupt so together, started to make software that would help dealers benchmark themselves against the market. So, they could identify and solve problems before it was too late.

However, as we started developing our software, we were contacted by classified websites or companies that wanted to start one. So, then we started working on software to help classified websites, optimise their data, grow faster and market their products. Which is why you probably had not of heard of us until now, but you have definitely been, on our client’s websites. In August 2020, we started to release the data we have and started to tell people who we are and what we do.

We are a small company and a great place to work which is why we have a 100% staff retention. If you would like to work for us, send us a message with what you think you could add to the team, we do not care where you live.