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Dealer History

Early years
Born as the son of a miner in 1910, John Brown made his first commercial steps in a rented garage in Greenside, Edinburgh. These were the first business steps of John Brown & Co. In 1933 he became a certified insurance broker, and it was during this period that the company moved to Tollcross in Edinburgh. The cataclysmic period of World War II occurred , resulting in John working as a mechanic at Spitfire. A man who had an exceptional sense of business, designed the first mobile bank in 1950, and in 1954 he went down in history as the founder of the old East Motor Company. The business that was then launched served as the foundation of today's business called Eastern Western Motor Group.

The period from 1960 to 1980
With the purchase of Dean Park House in 1960, John Brown built a family house in that area, next to the Esso gas station. Three years later, he became the owner of a place at 116 Colinton Road, and models such as BMW and Mercedes Benz were sold there. Brown was a big fan of races and sporty vehicles. Therefore, in the sixties, he participated in a series of motorcycle races. The economic crisis that hit Great Britain in 1970 brought an extremely turbulent period. Mass unemployment, the global oil crisis resulted in Brown struggling to sustain the business.Yet, in 1973 he managed to buy Corstorphine Road in Edinburgh. This information is interesting because the company has kept its registered office at that location until today. Two years later Western Commercial opened Mercedes Van and Truck in Newbridge. John Brown died in 1981 and left his rich legacy to Douglas Brown, who was 18 at the time. Douglas joined a programme run by Mercedes-Benz UK which involved a two year secondment to London.

The nineties
In the early 1990s, Keith Duncan became a member of the Eastern Western Group when the company began providing financial services. Duncan then took on the position of CFO, and Kenny Robb was in charge of procurement at Western Mercedes at the time. The company's CEO, Peter Collin, came to the position in 1992. The delivery service was started in 1996 when parts were still distributed by mail. Just before the crane of the millennium, more precisely in 1999, the western Mercedes opened another business in East Edinburgh.

From 2000 - 2005
During this period, another Volkswagen dealer was born in East Edinburgh; the buyer was Abercroby Volkswagen. Over the next five years, Lexus, Mini and BMW were being sold in this part of Edinburgh , all under the auspices and leadership of the company. Another famous brand, Toyota, was founded at Sighthill. During this period, the leaders of the company were extremely active. A leading company workshop was located in Broxburn, where the headquarters were relocated. The company then got a deal with Harley Davidson.

From 2006 - 2009
The purpose-built facilities in the Broxburn became the official headquarters of Western Commercial. A used car franchise was established in the Gorgie Road area. The business progressed with the formation of another extension of the company called Gogeta Rental Car, which deals with car rental. Eastern BMW and Eastern Mini subsidiaries moved from Corstorphine Road to Newbridge. The BMW showroom formed in that period, was the first of its kind in the UK. Halbeath's another company-owned location. It's a warehouse for the Toyota models.

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From 2010 - 2013
Arnold Clark was replaced as the owner of the Lexus franchise in Glasgow, thus a car depot in Glasgow was opened. The first Honda franchise opened in Fort Kinnaird, Edinburgh. John Martin was replaced by Mazda's primary dealer on Corstorphine Road, Edinburgh. These three years were characterized by many replacements . Soon Western Toyota Sighthill moved to The Luxury Car Village, imposing new premises. The temporary location of Lexus Glasgow on Kennedy Street was a thing of the past, and this branch got a new location on West Street. Honda got another workshop that period located in Helbeath, Dunfermline, which replaced the Arnold Clark Honda. Western Commercial continued to expand actively and soon opened its fourth location in Dandee.

Recent History
Luxurious and modern showrooms on Gorgie Road have become the new home of Western Volkswagen in Edinburgh. Western Nissan Stirling opened having replaced Arnold Clark as the franchise holder. Western Nissan Fife was located in Halbeath adjacent to Western Toyota and Western Honda. Western Nissan and Western Mazda relocated from Corstorphine Road to purpose built premises within Edinburgh's Luxury Car Village.

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