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Johnsons Cars Group

Johnsons Cars is one of the largest independent car dealerships in the UK. The company was founded in 1999 as Johnson Brothers, and within one year they had acquired Volvo dealerships in Hereford and Gloucester, as well as a Honda Dealership in Milton Keynes.

In the following years, Johnsons Cars had a fast expansion of its business, taking over various other dealerships across the country, including a Honda dealership in Beaconsfield, a Lexus dealership in Liverpool, and two Toyota dealerships in Liverpool and Wirral. They also moved the Honda dealership from Milton Keynes to a newly built location in Kingston.

In 2003, the company kept growing and expanding the Honda Franchise by promoting a new Honda dealership in Oxford, which significantly increased the popularity of their business. In the same year, Johnsons Cars moved its Lexus Liverpool dealership to a new purpose-built site in Liverpool. By doing so, Johnsons Cars established itself as a serious competitor in the automotive retail industry.

In 2004, the company continued its rapid development and showed the ability to extend its franchise portfolio by adding the first Volkswagen dealership in Birmingham.

2005 was a fruitful year for the company when it came to expanding and opening new dealerships. They started with extending the Volkswagen Franchise by adding a new dealership in Solihull. The next move was even more challenging as Johnsons Cars extended its Volvo Franchise by acquiring two new Volvo Dealerships in Stourbridge and Solihull. As the end of 2005 was approaching, the company had its sights set on further expansion, but this time they targeted the Honda Franchise and opened a new Honda Dealership in Slough.

The next great year for the company was 2007 when its Toyota Franchise got a new Toyota dealership in Southport, while the company also gained the Lexus Oxford dealership.

2008 was another big year for the company. It finally got the Volkswagen Tamworth dealership into the Johnsons Cars Group. It was made official in early 2009, so we can say that 2008/2009 was notable for its Volkswagen Franchise.

In 2010, Johnsons Cars acquired two new franchises, Mazda and Mitsubishi. This expanded their customer base as they were able to choose among a wider variety of car manufacturers. In the same year, the company opened two new Volvo Dealerships in Swindon and Oxford.
After this success, Johnsons Cars Group had become the largest privately-owned car dealership group in the UK, operating with brands like Toyota, Volvo, Volkswagen, Honda, Mitsubishi, Mazda, and Lexus. By 2011, Johnsons Cars had 22 dealerships in 15 locations.

In 2012, the company extended its franchise portfolio by adding new dealerships for Fiat, Alfa Romeo, and Hyundai. It also became the authorised repairer for Saab.

In 2013, the Group opened a purpose-built Johnsons Hyundai in Liverpool, and also a SKODA Dealership in Birmingham and Seat Dealership in Liverpool. The new dealerships offer new and second-hand cars from these brands.

When it comes to Johnsons Cars Group, they never stop expanding. In 2014 the dealership family got a new member, the Johnsons Abarth in Solihull, offering new and Approved used models of this brand.

In 2015, Johnsons Cars acquired the authorised repairer Volkswagen Willenhall and expanded its Volkswagen franchise. This helped the Group improve its presence in five new locations in the Midlands, including Willenhall, Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham, Solihull, and Tamworth.

In 2016, the company decided to increase its presence in Slough by opening a new Hyundai dealership. Conveniently, it is located right next to the Honda dealership, allowing its customers to easily visit both locations.
In the same year, the company also paid attention to its Seat franchise, extending it in Berkshire and Preston.

In 2017, Johnsons Cars kept expanding by acquiring three dealerships from the Chambers Group, including: Hyundai and Mazada in Tamworth and the very first Ford Franchise in Sutton Coldfield. Recognising Ford as one of the favorite brands in the country, Johnsons Cars Groups was happy to add this franchise to its portfolio. In the same year, Johnsons Cars opened the first Volkswagen retail store in the UK, in collaboration with the car manufacturer. The store offered a completely new shopping experience to customers, offering professional advice from the company’s expert team.

In 2018, the Group extended its Fiat and Alfa Romeo fleet at its new location in Swindon, and also jumped into a new adventure with the sale of Jeep.
Later on, the company opened a new Mazda dealership in Gloucester, as well as a new state-of-the-art Volvo showroom.
It was an eventful and busy year for the Group, that also saw the opening of a SKODA dealership in Wigan.

In 2019, Johnsons Cars Group focused on Volkswagen again. The company acquired not one, but four VW dealerships from Sytner with the intention to expand its presence in the Midlands. The four dealerships are located in Stafford, Liverpool, Warrington, and Stoke-on-Trent.
The new Seat showroom in Wirral was also part of the 2019 plan, and it offers new and used vehicles, as well as vehicle servicing facilities.

Johnsons Cars Group is a fast-growing and professional dealership group with high standards, always caring for the customers first.


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