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Dealer History

Probably the largest and most successful Scottish motor group Park's has a long and fruitful business history. The history of the company dates back to 1971. It was then that Douglas Park launched the business that today is reputed to be one of the most respectable motor groups in the entire country, but it started as a coach company. He expanded the business as early in 1977 to selling cars.

The expansion of the continued with Park's being appointed as agents for Honda and BMW in 1986. By 1998, significant investments had been made in Ayrshire, resulting in the opening of seven new showrooms, and by 2003, the group had been joined by the Volvo, Jaguar and Land Rover franchises.

As early as 2009, they became the official Overfinch distributor in Scotland. In January 2011, the group got a new extension by opening a new Saab branch. Nissan, Suzuki and Dacia a year later became part of the largest and most successful Scottish group.

Douglas Park BMW Motorrad, which is part of the Park's group since 2013, covers western and central Scotland. This franchise specializes in selling used motorcycles. To meet all the needs of the market, Park's opened its second Kia and Citroen dealership in Dundyvan Road and Coatbridge in 2014, and in the same year, the well-known French car distributor Peugeot gets its dealership through Park's group. One of the most modern and beautiful salons in the country was opened in January 2015 in Glasgow. Namely, Park's group is the only McLaren dealer in the country. In the modern showroom on Bothwell Road, you can find new and used models of Mclaren vehicles. Park's consolidated its position as a leader among motor groups in 2016 when they bought Macrae & Dick. Namely, this company has a glorious past in Scotland in the retail trade of vehicles dating back to 1878.

History of Macrae & Dick Ltd
For almost two hundred years, Macrae & Dick Ltd has been one of the most famous names in the automotive industry in the UK automotive industry. A long tradition from June 30, 1878, to the present day is adorned with quality service, professionalism and, of course, the tradition in vehicle distribution. The collaboration between Roderick Macrae from Beauly and William Dick from Redcastle started a brand that in the 19th century and today is known as one of the most famous names in vehicle distribution in Scotland. From the founding of the company until today, Macrae & Dick Ltd offers its customers quality and professional service. One of the founders of the company, Roderick Macrae, was born back in 1825 in Strathconon and was named after his uncle who was a participant in the American Revolutionary War as a captain in the British Army. Ever since he was a child, Macrae has expressed a desire for work and progress. He worked diligently and collected money. He attended primary school in his native Strathconon and learned to read and write there. Through diligent work, the boy eventually raised about £ 1,000, which was a large part of the company's initial capital. Together, Macrae and Mr Dick bought in early June 1878 by purchasing the stables and horses of the Lovat Arms Hotel in Beauly. It was the embryo from which one of Scotland's most famous brands would develop over time. The initial capital invested in the company was only £ 3,000, but that was enough to start a business at the time. Valja points out that Mr Dick, as the company's manager, was then receiving a salary of £ 50 a year. The early development of the famous company continued, so in 1882 they bought out the Grant & Co rental business, which was run from the Highland Club stables on Barona Taylor Street. The mentioned company had a developed business even before the Industrial Revolution, which primarily took place in Great Britain. Thus, even before the existence of the railways in the country, Grant & Co. had developed their business throughout the northern counties. The second half of the 19th century was characterized by the emergence of the Industrial Revolution, which increased the mobility of people and goods, and which was undoubtedly significant for these companies. During the hunting season, the north of Scotland was crowded with aristocratic families, who enjoyed the beauties of the country as well as hunting. On spacious pastures and productive fishing zones, carriages and horses were rented for the most respectable and wealthiest families in the country. With the development of steamships, overseas voyages are visited by foreigners. A more hectic lifestyle, more people contributed significantly to capital development, so Macrae & Dick's business was on an upward trajectory. Therefore, the arrival of foreigners in the country meant renting horses and carriages from the company Macrae & Dick. As many as 200 horses and a large number of wagons were included in this taxi service of the 19th century. The expansion of the business has led to the need for new capacity. When the old school from Inverness Royal Acadamy moved to new premises, a quality space was created for something like that. However, Macrae & Dick were not the only ones interested in the property. Eventually, Macrae & Dick were faster and smarter than their competitors and managed to get into real estate ownership. The building, which was bought for just £ 7,500, will be sold in the 1980s for around £ 1.25 million. With the advent of cars in the late nineteenth century, new needs were created in the market. Macrae & Dick have been following market trends and needs, so they are starting to focus on the ever-expanding expansion of cars. Cars have led to a reduced need for horses and carriages. Unfortunately, information about car brands is very scarce. However, the brands that appear from the advertising campaign during 1910 trying to make the current brands Albion, Renault and Arrol Johnston on the market. The company offered not only car sales and rentals but also services. From 1916, we have somewhat more specific information about car brands, so Sunbeam, Rover, Argyll, Overland, Ford and Studebaker appear on the market. The services of transporting goods and people by motor vehicles became only a part of the services offered by the company. This type of service was provided by an auxiliary company called J. C. Brooke & Co. Ltd., which was just formed by the parent group Macrae & Dick in 1932. The appearance of Land Rover in the country was a great attraction, and it was Macrae & Dick, who made the official presentation of this car to the royal family. Just after this presentation, the royal family ordered several Land Rovers. In this period, the company was also engaged in the services of transporting tourists by motor vehicles through the landscapes and tourist attractions of the country. With the advent of air transport, the company will continue to expand its business in this field, and from 1932 there will be official transport of the royal mail. Throughout its rich history, the company has received a considerable number of recognitions and awards. Because of all the above, they are rightly called the pioneers of the motor industry in the country

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