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The history of the Pentagon begins in March 1991, when this group was founded. The company had a modest start as it ran only one dealership with  Vauxhall and was stationed on Pentagon Island in Derby. Such circumstances did not prevent the company's leaders from growing into one of the largest car dealerships in the whole of Great Britain through diligent and dedicated work.

The company has worked intensively  to expand its business, so over time it has gained the right to represent many renowned car brands. Today, the Pentagon has the right to represent car brands such as Cupra, Citroen, Dacia, Kia, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Peugeot, Seat, Renault and Vauxhall. Pentagon Motor Group became a subsidiary of Motus Group (UK) Ltd. As such, it is part of Motus Holdings Limited, headquartered in South Africa, with the focus being on the automotive sector.

Recently, the Pentagon's business has become part of the Johannesburg Stock Exchange. The company has developed an excellent annual turnover that exceeds the figure of 4.5 billion pounds. The growth of the group from its inception to the present day has intensified so much that the company is able to employ about 18,300 people at a large number of its subsidiaries stationed on three continents (UK, South Africa, Australia). Throughout its decades-long history, the group has developed 128 outlets and about 80 franchises. The Pentagon's business includes two specialized body shops for trucks.

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