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Dealer History

Early years
The rich history of the company dates back to 1908 when Harold Perry started a business selling motorcycle accessories. Four years later Perry was named Ford's top dealer in London. It was just the beginning of a successful business story and Perry soon moved to other areas of business as well. In1940, he founded a tractor trade, gaining his business a lot of success and presence on the market.

In 1982, they separated from Ford into other franchises, one of them being Vauxhall which resulted in an exponential expansion of the company.
Soon the company had 51 dealerships under its auspices and thirty business units that still exist today. Every great story and epoch has a turning point, so does the one with Perry's. Namely, in 1998, a website was launched, and it was the first group of online retailers to engage in this type of business.

In 2001, one of the largest commercially independent groups in the UK was formed. That year, a massive buyout of the management occurred headed by the now-deceased Paul Millard. The move was made after the opening of the company's first dedicated centre in Barnsley called Paul Millard Academy. The ambitious management team continued to work diligently, and several dealerships from Portsmouth to Nelson were opened. Dealerships from renowned brands such as Peugeot, Mazda, Citroen and Kia are represented at these locations. Nowadays, the company is known as one of the largest dealers of Mazda models in Europe.

Expansion of Perry
Successful business continued in the following period. In 2015, Perry bought the shares of GK Group, and with this move, he gained the right to represent Mazda and Kia. That business move involved selling used vehicles across Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire. A step that the management rated as excellent because, in this way, they could target a more significant number of potential customers. The leaders of the company, invest a lot in the education of their staff in order to raise the quality of their customer service. Accordingly, an educational centre has been opened in which employees can work on their skills and gain a lot of knowledge. Employees acquire their expertise at the Paul Millard South Academy in Aylesbury.

In 2016 Citroen's dealer was added to the already existing Peugeot in Nelson and Perry's Preston was relocated to a new facility right next to junction 31A M6. In this way, the company seeks to maintain the focus of its operations in Lancashire. The new facility is home to Vauxhall, Mazda and KIA. A dedicated centre for commercial vehicles has been added to their website, which has undoubtedly increased the choice for potential customers. In this way, they are trying to meet all the market conditions that lie ahead.

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