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Dealer History

Geoff Snow, founder of Motor Group was born in 1932 in Charlton, Andover. When he turned 16, he joined the Royal Navy as a boy seaman, making just five shillings a week. Throughout the years, he worked various jobs and competed in Autocross.

At the age of 29, Snow fulfilled his dream to open his own business. In the 1960s, he opened a temporary business that was printing and selling rubber stamps in Southampton. Later on, he transformed the business into a repair workshop, and by the end of the 1960s he had opened a third store and had started printing the brand name Snows on car rooftops so that people could see it from above.

In the 1970s, Snows expanded his company and established it as a popular supplier in the motor industry. The first investment in the motor trading world happened with St. James Toyota Centre and that opened the doors for Snows to take an entirely new direction.

In the 1980s, Snows had the biggest breakthrough in the car retailing industry by acquiring BMW dealerships like Kingsworthy, which later became Volvo trading. At the beginning of the decade, Snows also developed VHL BMW into Snows BMW.

Later, Snows Office Supplies acquired Wessex Garages Ltd which was a Mazda dealer. Following that, Snows opened a second Mazda dealership by transforming Barnes Lane into another Snows BMW. In 1986, Snows sold Wessex Garages Ltd.

Snows also acquired a car repair business, R&A Ward Brothers, and turned it into Snows Body Repair Centre. Additionally, they bought Great Covert Car Sales, turning Snows into a retailer that could also offer more services to its customers.

In the 1990s, Snows continued to develop at a rapid pace, turning into a competitive car dealer, representing various well-known car brands. At the beginning of this decade, Snows acquired the SEAT franchise and converted Covert Car Sales into Great Covert Seat. The official name Snows Motor Ltd. was created in 1992. The mid-'90s were marked by the opening of a purpose-built Volvo dealership. Also, Snows extended its portfolio by adding BMW and Land Rover franchises which were acquired from Hunny Hill Garages.

Volvo Kingsworthy dealerships got new names in this time, changing into Kings Southampton, Kings Salisbury, and Kings Winchester.

Later on, Snows used a lease from Portsmouth motor park to create two new dealerships under his company name, BMW and Mitsubishi.

The 2000-2010 decade was also a fruitful time for Snows Motor Group Ltd. Snows acquired HGL BMW and turned it into Snows BMW. Also, the company extended within the BMW dealership and opened a new MINI dealership. Toyota and Lexus franchises then joined the Snows’ portfolio, purchased from Marshall Rolfe. Snows MINI Portsmouth got its new purpose-built site at this time, while the Snows BMW & Land Rover, Toyota, and Seat dealerships altered their trading names to Kings.

In 2007, Geoff Snow retired from his Chairman position, leaving his son Stephen the position at the Group.

Behind the Toyota & Lexus dealership, too Good to Auction was opened in 2009.

In 2010, Snows Motor Group Ltd. got a new name, Snows Business Holdings Ltd. In the same year, Kingsworthy Motors Ltd. was renamed into Snows Motor Group Ltd.

From 2011 to today, guided by Stephen Snow the company went through a completely new phase of development, marking new milestones and accomplishing big goals.

All possible dealerships owned by Snows were changed from Kings to Snows, except the Lexus Hedge End because this dealership had a different agreement with Lexus GB.

By acquiring Volvo Basingstoke, in terms of locations, Snows had the largest Volvo group in the UK, operating six different dealerships across the country.

Too Good to Auction or TG2A saw new success in the following years, opening in numerous locations across the country, including in three Volvo dealerships in Winchester, Salisbury, and Southampton. Three more TG2A locations were added in Hedge, Plymouth and on the Isle of Wight. In the following years, Snows became the largest Seat dealer in the UK by opening its fifth Seat dealership together with Snows Volvo Salisbury.

In 2013, Snows expanded even more by acquiring Lexus & Toyota businesses by Marsh Garages, including four Toyota dealerships in different locations, and two Lexus dealerships.

2014 was another year dedicated to TG2A growth with the company opening Peugeot Romsey and SEAT in Poole.

In March 2015 Snows Business Holdings Ltd. purchased Braizer Industrial Estate while in November of the same year the company opened Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles dealership nearby Snows Lexus dealership in Plymouth.

In April 2016, Snows opened its first Suzuki dealership in Poole. By August, the company had acquired two WKB Toyota dealerships in Waterlooville and Chichester and also the WKB Select in Waterlooville. After this, Snows became a giant Toyota retailer with seven Toyota dealerships in the across the South.

In September 2016, the Group opened a new Seat dealership in Yeovil, and in October it opened three more dealerships, including Citroen and DS as new brands for Snows, and one Peugeot dealership.

On 23 August 2017, the founder of Snows Motor Group, Geoff Snow passed away. He was given the Lifetime Achievement Award by the Car Dealer Used Car Awards.

In the same month, Snows opened the second Snows Suzuki, and Snows Kia in Newbury.

In October, Snows expanded its Peugeot franchise in Newbury, while in November, a new Fiat dealership opened in Sarisbury Green.

In December, Snows opened Mercedes Benz Vans.

The beginning of 2018 was marked by the purchase of Portfield in Chichester offering Mazda, Toyota, Peugeot cars and servicing for Citroen.

In April 2018, the company extended by adding another TG2A, which was a new milestone for Snows Group, reaching a total of 45 franchised dealerships, eleven used car centres, and four service centres.

2019 was a great year for Snows Motor Group, starting with the opening of its Accident Repair Centre in Southampton, and ending with the opening of the seventh Seat location on the Houndmills site in Basingstoke.


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